Water devices in the house

November 30, 2013

Look around a house and it boggles the mind to see the many devices around the use of water. From the pipes that run around and inside a house to the taps which allow you to draw water when you want, the bathtub which allows you to loll around to the showers which dispense water in a spray to the Jacuzzi which does more of the same.

Then there are the mugs and buckets to slosh it around, the washing machine which cleans up your clothes and the dish washer which does the dishes.

For supply of water there was the open well replaced by the modern bore-well. Large dams on rivers to store and reticulate water and the latest rainwater harvesting tanks which do the same.

For storage you have underground sump tanks, large containers in the home and overhead tanks of HDPE or brickwork.

For heating water there is the geyser and the more environment friendly solar water heater. There is of course the basic bio-mass based ‘hunday’- large copper vessels where water is heated using dried coconut fronds-  and the more modern avatar the so called ‘Gujarat boiler’.

Then there the sinks themselves, designed to collect water and send it away, in the bathroom and in the kitchen.

For drinking and purifying water there is a whole range of water filters from the gravity based candle filters to the UV based ones to the most modern R.O filters. These are all upgrades of the old ‘ghada’ or ‘surahi’ the baked mud pots.

For waste water to be taken out there is the good old India W.C and the most modern dual flush European W.C.  The recipient of the waste has moved from pits, to septic tanks to the latest sewage treatments systems which clean up the waste-water and make it reusable.

In terms of the energy used for water, the old ‘pulley ‘in the well has finally become the submersible pump to lift and pressurize water.

In between there is the aquarium to store water for your gold fish and the refrigerator to cool water for a warm sunny day and even to make ice for your favourite drink. To water your garden there is the ubiquitous hose-pipe and the shower caddy.

The many devices which manage water for daily household consumption is remarkably varied and innovative. Many firms and designers are now at work to improve each and every one of them to make them more efficient, elegant and eco-friendly.  It is time to step back and appreciate this water wisdom.



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