Approach and solutions- Water crisis in Bangalore

May 17, 2013

As a blogger and a columnist in a newspaper it is still very pleasant to get e-mails like this below. 

Water Shortage – an Open well Rainwater Harvesting solution.

These are the days of water shortage. Krishnarajasagar (KRS dam on the Cauvery) is at an all time low in water level. Water rationing is round the corner.
Bangalore is well known for its open wells. So why don’t we revive and take care of our open wells?  Places like Malleswaram, Basavanagudi, Jayanagar and VV puram have large wells in the gardens of houses.
Of course, many old houses have been demolished giving way to apartment blocks. These depend on borewells and tanker supplies for their water needs. Occasionally BWSSB water is supplied.
I have a house in Jayanagar which is 50 years old. I have a well which is 35 feet deep and about 3 feet in diameter. Many years ago – around 15 years ago I installed rooftop Rain water harvesting structures. I collect around 1 lakh litres of rainwater each year of  three rainy seasons. I filter the collected water from the roof and feed it to the well. In about two weeks of rainfall, the well is full of filtered water. The attached photos will show the well Imagebrimming with water. These photos were taken last season.
I have estimated that I consume around 40,000 litres of water  each year from the well. The remaining 60,000 litres feed the ground water acquifers.  This is a substantial amount of water both for home consumption as well as ground water recharging. During the rainy season I am happy to shut off the BWSSB supply valve. When I use well water for all our needs, I not only save on my BWSSB bills but also precious Cauvery water which is now available for other users. 
The rain water harvesting solution is simple and one can do it oneself. It is a self help aid. The cost involved is only for the PVC pipes and filter. In my case I did the plumbing work myself.
I wish other citizens of our State help themselves and become self reliant as regards water needs. 
Kindly publicise and popularise this concept so that we can overcome the present water crisis.
Thanking you,
S. Chandra Shekar.


  1. I am in complete awe..i have been pushing my parents to make use of our well…i need to show this post to amma and appa ..thanks for sharing

  2. Hi ,… Im constructing a house in bangalore .. would you please suggest me roof top rain harvesting model.. I dont have place to DIG a well …. but Atleast i can divert the rain water to SUMP .. and use it .. Thank you ..

  3. Hi, I’m an intern for TERI, we have launched a website recently, http://www.kxsd.org, in collaboration with UKAID. I would like to speak to this gentleman, and if my seniors approve, I would like to submit his story as a success story on our website. could you please send his email id or phone number? Love the blog, its a fount of information, where so little is available. Thanks !

  4. For those who don’t have wells, here are some helpful ideas for water saving: http://www.zeteoninternational.com .

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