Water lifting devices – the development of hydro-technology

March 12, 2013

In other posts I have argued that the first epoch making move for human-kind came from the discovery that a hole in the ground could yield water. Till then tied to the tyranny of rivers , lakes and springs ,humankind could but hover around surface water bodies.

The well allowed them to move into the vast landscape of the earth and the countryside was now all to occupy. Around this idea developed the science of water divining. Where to dig for water , how to read the signs on the land to determine the best places to dig, how deep to dig and how wide to dig.  Water provided the first codified , shareable knowledge.

Technology - the pulley

Then came technology . The pulley must have been the first technology to be invented. This made lifting of water easier from the wells. The pulley then became the wheel I hazard. Water was necessary before locomotion.

An improved pulley

One of the water lifting devices is still in use in certain parts of India . This is called the ‘Chadas’ or simply the lifter.

Here is how the Chadas works. Beautiful isn’t it?

Here of course is the Persian Wheel

A basic device based on the principle of the fulcrum and lever was the Joto or the Yeta



  1. Just came upon your blog via twitter. Fantastic inforamtion and advocacy. Will keep in touch as similarly passioante about earth matters and conservation of resources.

    • thank you and am following your nice blog too 🙂

  2. Wonderful stuff. Water literacy is gained thru a knowledge of history

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