Water – being part of the solution

May 4, 2012

The things we can do (to address the water shortfall)



The peak of summer is May but in Bangalore it is also the season of the thunderstorms. As the city waits for the onset of the monsoon only a few weeks away many of its smart people are already preparing for the rains to ensure that a water buffer is built up and water shortfall overcome.

The metro is busy expanding its rainwater harvesting programme. All the good thundershowers and rain on the clean surface high over the roads can quickly convert to a flood below on the roads. By building a combination of storage and recharge systems , including recharge wells that will send the rain into the groundwater, the Namma Metro will become the first in India to systematically harvest rain. Millions of litres of water will be added to the groundwater and many a bore-well recharged thanks to this utilities efforts.

A large residential layout sprawling over 40 acres and comprising nearly 300 sites near Doddanekundi is busy building recharge wells and ensuring that not a drop of rainwater goes out of the land. Slowly but steadily over the last 3 years, 23 recharge wells have been built. Every rain sees the wells fill up and recharge the aquifer. The bore-wells in this part of the city are all going dry and private water tankers ply all around but not in this layout. It is possible that all layouts can be like Ferns Paradise if only the residents team up and take the bull by the horns.

The very interesting anonymous group on Facebook called the Ugly Indian whose slogan is ‘mooh bund kaam chaalu’- closed mouth and only work – has a busy bunch of volunteers cleaning up Bagmane Lake. If the tank is clean and ready to receive and recharge good groundwater it will only benefit the residents nearby. Good work is its own reward but the benefit of a recharged groundwater is a bonus.

The Rain Centre in Bangalore is organizing a training programme for the engineers of the BBMP and the BDA , especially those in charge of parks. The idea is to ensure that all parks harvest rainwater to fulfill their own needs at least.

On that note the neighbour has also changed the beautiful rainwater harvesting filter called the ‘panche’  or ‘dhoti’ filter. It is the little things like that count. Being part of the solution is way better than being part of the problem. Image


One comment

  1. Hi this is an excellent post on a issue which may become critical in the near future. Yes water levels are depleting at an alarming rate & RWT is the only answer.

    I hosted a post on my blog on Rain Water Management but the lack of response or value additions on a important social issue from readers is unimpressive.

    Thanks for sharing!

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