Some research agenda possibilities around groundwater-wastewater-lakes of Bangalore

April 24, 2012


  1. The Groundwater Bill has been passed by the assembly and the rules and regulations drafted. This will now be enforced. This is the time to understand and ensure that the sustainable management of groundwater in Bangalore becomes the vision of the Groundwater bill. Bangalore is the only city in India where thanks to the BWSSB an inventory of bore-wells exist. This is due to the fact that the BWSSB charges Rs 50 per bore-well or open well as Sanitary Cess.

Using this database it should be possible to slowly move into a regime of collection of a water cess on bore-wells and use the funds to reinvigorate the water bodies around Bangalore. These can then become recharge structures filling up the groundwaters and ensuring that the investment of Rs 5000 crores made on the bore-wells of Bangalore ( 5 lakh bore-wells at Rs 1 lakh per bore-well at minimum current costs) is not rendered defunct but actually contributes to the water supply needs of the city.

  1. Certain urban water bodies around Bangalore have been taken up for rehabilitation and revival. One of them is Jakkur tank part of the series of tanks detailed in the map below. This rehabilitation has been taken up by the BDA. Upstream of the tank is also a waste-water treatment plant taken up by the BWSSB capable of treating 10 million litres per day. With adequate removal of nitrates and phosphates and with further wetland treatment occurring naturally in the lake the groundwater availability can actually be a steady 20 million litres per day at least. Studies need to be taken up to understand the impact of both the tank revival as well as the waste-water treatment plant becoming fully functional on the groundwaters both on quantity and quality. With adequate treatment can this be integrated into the city water distribution system particularly since the Arkavathy layout is likely to come up here in some time ?


The Cubbon park waste-water treatment plant has been set up by the BDA and now handed over to the BWSSB. This is almost a state of the art waste-water treatment plant. A study can be undertaken to find out how the quality if the treated waste-water can be improved for recharge and a small recharge pilot set up at Cubbon park and tests undertaken to see if the groundwater is suitable for potable use.


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