Bringing dead assets back to life in Government Schools

October 30, 2011

In Karnataka, India substantial investments have been made by the government in primary and middle schools such as for example in rainwater harvesting to provide supplemental water for the schools. Toilets have been built in all schools and mid-day meals are being provided.

A defunct rainwater tank- connected , repaired, painted and functional

Due to many reasons these assets are not functioning. For example in many schools the rainwater harvesting systems are broken and do not collect or store water. Without water many toilets do not function forcing the children to go outdoors. The cooks who are employed to cook the mid-day meals find it difficult to find water to cook, to wash the utensils and for hand washing.

We at Biome Environmental Trust have been trying to mobilise volunteer efforts as well as find funds from organisations to being these assets back to life.

This is done in full discussion with the school , the students and the parents.

Rooftop rainwater harvesting system rehabilitated at a Govt. school Vijaypura

The 20,000 litre underground sump tank built by another government fund and lying un-utilized  is now full and connected to the toilet through a hand pump. This will provide the much needed water for the toilet to be used effectively.

A full sump tank - filled with rainwater

A clean roof , first rain separation and a good pre-filter before the water is stored is ensured. Also a good post storage filter in case the water is used for drinking such as the TATA-SWACH

A TATA-SWACH used for filtering stored rainwater before drinking

The toilets in the schools lying unused get a chance to be used with the availability of water. Especially for girls this becomes very helpful.

Pits dug in the government school for planting fruit trees such as Sitaphal, papaya and banana

Girls toilet

A clean toilet becomes possible with water available through rainwater harvesting



  1. yes it is very good concept and it improves the ground water sources and keeping water availability in ground well.


  2. really like that now girls’ can use a safe and private place…very important…

  3. ya.. the supreme court has also ruled that all schools should have proper girls toilets

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