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Monsoon 2011 – Get ready

May 7, 2011

Its May already and the advent of one of Indias most awaited natural event the monsoon is nigh. This year according to early reports it may be in the Andamans by the 12th of May itself and may arrive in Kerala earlier than June 1st its usual arrival date. It is time to get prepared for the 100 hours of rain which is what will need to be stored to last the whole of the year till the next arrival.

While the city is getting ready cleaning up its storm-water drains and sewerage networks other measures are equally crucial. The de-silting of the various tanks in the city is a must as well as the cleaning up of the channels leading up to them. The overflow weirs and the ‘Rajakaluves’ the channels linking one tank to the other, need to be dredged and de-silted too.

Roads too have cambers which do not lead to the storm-water drain. These need to be rectified in this month. All chip carpeting and asphalting works will need to be done now as well as pothole filling.

Apartments, industries and institutions are well advised to take a look at the maintenance of their storm water system as well as roofs. Are they ship shape for the rains? Have all water harvesting structures especially filters and first rain separators cleaned? Are the recharge wells and the recharge pits installed and operational?

Many households have already implemented rainwater harvesting systems and eagerly look forward to the rains. Rain Barrels, which is one of the simplest rainwater harvesting system to install, can fill up and provide supplemental water.

Those who have open wells have directed the rainwater from their roofs into a filter and thence to the well. They look forward to the groundwater levels rising and enough water becoming available.

Apartments which have bore-wells that have gone dry have made arrangement for the rainwater to enter directly or indirectly through recharge wells after filtration. They wait to see if the bore-wells are revived and that they are no longer forced to buy tanker water.

Other residents of the city have made arrangement for rainwater to be filtered and get into sump tanks. They will need to clean the roofs in the coming days, remove leaves and dust from the rainwater gutters and pipes and wait to see clean rain enter the sumps.

Those who have placed chains to see and hear the rainwater cascading down eagerly await the monsoon for the special effects it will bring apart from the water it will enable to be harvested.

Many large institutions like the Indian Institute of Management have made a series of recharge wells in their storm water network. These will be put to the test during the rains. If they perform well not a drop of rainwater will go out of their large campus preventing flooding and at the same time bringing up the groundwater level within the campus.

Monsoon 2011 will be awaited eagerly by many and seen with dread by some. Those who have followed the adage ‘When clouds gather prepare to harvest the rain’ will be proved to be the wise ones. Which group will you be in ?


Tweetup with a purpose

May 5, 2011

This Saturday

10 a.m to 12.30 p.m.


264 6 main 6 Block BEL Layout

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There is a rammed Earth wall being built so you get a chance to see it being

done and maybe get to pound some earth yourself.

Rainwater harvesting is stuff which is compulsory so see how it can be done

in an individual home and how to test the water and how to do SODIS

Figure out a bit on greywater reuse and groundwater recharge

All for novices and Pro’s

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