Building with mud- a learning course

April 8, 2011
The Mudlist
Greetings all,
It’s time for prancing in the mud, making balls, throwing sploogies
and wishing that your aim was better! It’s time for some wattle & daub
and cob glorious cob! We shall be at theYusuf Meherally Centre at Tara,
on the outskirts of Mumbai from the 20th-24th of April 2011, participating
in the realisation of the upcoming Bapu Kuti Complex. And much like
Gandhiji espoused, we shall be building using traditional techniques,
local materials and our own hands. This is a five day intensive
workshop open for all.


The course will flow through the following modules:
  • Natural Building
  • Anatomy of a building
  • Introduction to Earth construction
  • Properties of Earth as a building material
  • Spectrum of Earth construction techniques
  • Wattle & Daub
  • Cob
  • Soil identification, behavior and soil testing
  • Soil stabilization and natural stabilizers
  • Designing in Earth: guidelines and thumb-rules
  • Natural finishes
  • Etc.!

Participants will study the theory as well as the practical

aspects of different materials and technologies. The course

will comprise of classroom sessions, but shall focus predominantly

on experiential learning. The workshop is open for all and no previous

knowledge of construction is necessary. Participants should be

physically fit and should be able to endure long (and fun!) hours

of manual labour. The course fees are 2000Rs. per person which

include dormitory style accommodation, food and the proceedings

of course. Travel to and from the venue shall be borne by the participants.

Those who wish to apply, please send a small note about yourself

to soar.hub@gmail.com by the 14th of April 2011. We are limiting

the number of  participants to 10 individuals in order to ensure a

thorough experience.


soar.hub @ gmail.com


One comment

  1. There is a need to popularise Low Cost Housing, keeping in mind, the economical status of majority of our fellow countrymen. This course aims at this. Keep it up.

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