Death of a lake

March 20, 2011

A huge water-spread, a great place for an evening walk , a childhood remembered swimming in the waters, a livelihood based on the water in the lake, now all this a distant memory.

Captured in this fim , the death of a lake in Bangalore. The replacement large pipes bringing water from distant places, engineering replaces hydrology and ecology. The classic ‘fouling of the nest’.This process needs to be reversed and quickly



  1. I am sure such films should be given a wide circulation to have our all sweet water sources keep alive for our successors

  2. That has been the case of “development” in Bangalore – lakes have been consciously filled up to build the city. IMO, the lack of a strong local population who are passionate and courageous to protect the natural environment is the root of the problem here – but it gives Bangalore the “silicon valley” tag for development. Totally one-sided development indeed.

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