Ancient water lifting devices from India

February 20, 2011

This is called the Chadas and is from Rajasthan, India.

These water lifting devices used animal power and could be operated only if the water table was not more than 60 -80 feet. It therefore generally used the dynamic and replenishable water table therefore was sustainable.

Even now where these devices operate indicate a reasonable level of groundwater, what we in current terminology would call ‘white’ zones.

Can we not therefore delineate these areas as water heritage conservation zones? Can we not preserve the water table at the levels they exist by say banning the use of further bore-wells and the use of pumps ? Cannot the water lifting devices also be preserved by a system of incentives? Can not tourism reach out to see the devices and pay to the farmer for having preserved these heritage which date more than 1000 years?


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  1. just amazing..

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