August 4, 2009

August 4 2009
It’s finally fully here. Mausim – season, monsoon – rains and you find it in the breeze today. Distinctly from the South West sending the clouds scurrying across the sky the sound and light show follows and the mosquitoes are blown away. This is not the season of the sun, disappearing of course behind the clouds. Termites take wing and fly , snakes appear on the landscape, power cuts are the norm with even a little bit of rain and vodka is at its tastiest. The constant whirr of the crickets , the flying insects inside the house and clothes refusing to dry. Rainwater in my tank and my open well brimmeth over. Season to plant trees and offset carbon, i go for the pongaemia. Red earth on my shoes and Chyna – the dog- needs a blanket now to sleep upon, the floor is damp and cold. The rains are upon us and all is well with the world,for now.


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