A competition for Gram Panchayats by google

December 22, 2008

Now the challenge is to take it to all panchayats which can apply

We need you to tell us about them.

At Google.org, we believe quality public services – clean water, health, and education – are vital for human welfare and a strong economy. Providing meaningful, easily accessible information to citizens and communities, service providers, and policymakers is a key part of creating home-grown solutions to improve the quality of public services. Better information can help governments and other providers spend scarce resources wisely. And, empowered by information, citizens and communities can demand better services from providers or develop new solutions to meet their own needs.

The Google.org Gram Panchayat Puraskar recognizes that innovations in governance are happening every day in villages across India. We want to publicly recognize good ideas and create incentives for further innovation in local governance throughout the country. And we hope that this contest helps gram panchayats celebrate successes, share ideas with one another, and improve the quality of public services in villages.

Who is eligible

All legally recognized gram panchayats in the states of Karnataka or Andhra Pradesh, India are eligible to apply.

When to apply

The contest will be open for applications from December 12, 2008 through January 25, 2009. Entries must be postmarked on or before January 25, 2009 to be considered.

How to apply

To enter the contest, visit the contest website located at www.google.org/ggpp.html and pick-up an application at your district or block panchayat office in Karnataka or Andhra Pradesh during the Contest Period.


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