Rainwater harvesting – Vastu certified

March 10, 2008

Tis neighbour of ours is a senior citizen. He obviously has his belief which one respects and therefore ‘Vastu’ proofing his house apparently called for this fluoroscent colours of bright yellow and orange . These are all over the city now and no it is not some post modern fetish sweeping the city it is an old ancient one called Vastu (Indian Feng Shui to those uninitiated).

But the nice part for rainwater harvesting is that he read about it in the newspapers and came a visiting our house alongwith his plumber. They figured out the best way to do rooftop rainwater harvesting. Collect it into a sump tank but if opportunity arises to lead the rain into a small well that he already had. The filter was the key and the blue drum filter of ours was right. He had some difficulty in sourcing the Male threaded adapter and the female threaded adapter (MTA and FTA) something to note for the Rainwter Club and so we were pleased to give this to him.

They now have a full fledged system at work and you can see the result

We expect the water quality in the well to improve and him to get about 150,000 litres of water every year of average rain.


One comment

  1. please tell point( NW, North , NE, East ), of rain water harvesting as per vaastu

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