Rainwater and multi-purpose storage tanks for water- 24/7 water for women

March 3, 2008

When water comes intermittently this single women household has a great deal of trouble in accessing water. As this lady explains, the rainwater and multi purpose storage tank can hold about 140 pots x 15 litres per pot = 2100 litres of water. She fills it up whenever she finds the time during the day and it lasts her 15 to 20 days. She now can wash clothes and provide water for her cows right near the house. The happiness on her face is worth all the efforts for promoting rainwater harvesting in multi purpose storage tanks. The representative of the funding agency for this project is also happy to see the tank work.

She promises to whitewash the tank on the outside to keep it from cracks and to keep the water inside cool.

This is an ideal solution in fluoride affected villages and in arsenic affected villages. Also where there is a shortage of water in summer or intermittent supplies, water tankers can come and fill the tank up providing the 55 litres per person per day promised to every inividual in rural Karnataka by the government in its State Water Policy.

This is village Arjunabettahalli near Nelamangala in Bangalore Rural district. The bore well gives water unable to be drunk because of the high salinity. A nature cure resort nearby called Shreyas has come to the aid of the people by providing them support for the rainwater multipurpose tanks. Now we try and find funding for toilets, to clean the waste water in the village and to improve the village pond. Some people can afford the rainwater tank on their own and have built it so but others like this woman needs help.

Now you would know why this work is challenging ,rewarding and nice.It puts a smile on the ladies face.


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