Fighting fluorosis through rooftop rainwater harvesting

February 3, 2008

This old couple in a home in Laghumuddepalli village, Bagepalli Taluk,Kolar district,Karntaka,India have devoted an entire room of their home  for constructing a large rainwater tank. They started to build an underground tank below the floor but then struck hard rock. Since the room was not really being used, the children having moved out, they decide to build a tank over the ground anyway to store rainwater.This tank collects water from the rooftop which is filtered before it is sent in to the storage tank. A hand pump draws the water out.  10 litres of water from the tank is also sent to their daughter and son-in-law in a town about 7km. away daily.

The rainwater tanks are being built under SACHETANA project of the Government of Karnataka is being implemented by BIRD-K an NGO in 64 villages across 4 talukas and 4 districts in Karnataka.

This project and rainwater harvesting is worth emulating in all fluoride and arsenic affected areas of the world to provide fluoride free and arsenic free water for drinking and cooking right through the year.


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