Eco-san technology transfer- the people who make it happen

February 1, 2008

These are the new eco-warriors – the toilet man Sharad Nayak – explains an arch panel roof

and how he hopes to fly with his new weapon, an eco-san pan , to Madhya Pradesh to change the defecation

habits of people :):) there

Ecosan uses less water, prevents pollution of ground wter and converts human waste to a resource. It is youngsters with the skill set and the interest levels like Sharad who are part of India’s movement for sanitation. The Rainwater Club is prou of its latest honorary member Sharad Nayak.


One comment

  1. Two ruminations – one about Transfer of technology (TOT) and another about Rainwater Club (And its members).

    I wonder how much of TOT happens through “structured” premeditated processes and how much through people-to-people “serendipity”. Much in this spirit, ALL of Rainwater Club’s members are honorary like Sharath. And Can we foster the right serendipities ?

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