Aerobic Deep rooted rice

May 24, 2007

Arghyam supports Krishi Vigyan Niranatara in the Gandhi Krishi Vigyan Kendra to encourage poor

students to pursue agriculture as a career and especially work on water and sanitation issues . Went

on a field trip with the enthusiastic Harish , the learned entymologists Professors Kumar and Chandru

Chandrashekhar. The students are Manohar and Sridevi doing incredible work I think. Manohar works

for Prof Shashidhar Reddy and the good Prof. is trying to develop a strain of rice which will be deep rooted

drought resistant and consume less than half the water that an average rice crop needs.

Rice with roots

The second

generation of the rice was growing before our eyes with an incredible diversity in size, yield et al.

Manohar is excited as he should be. By the end of the sixth generation Prof Shashidhar should have a

breakthrough in getting a rice strain which can be grown in rainfed area, bore well cultivated area

and yield as much as the normal rice. When good people get together the journey is better than the

destination and on the journey back a shaft of sunlight to make for an interesting photograph.Sunlight



  1. and if all farmers are to use this rice we have a solution for inter-state water conflicts!

  2. Yes indeed and it was good that you gus could come to http://www.arghyam.org and explaing your projects . Hopefully this will lead to more embedding of these ideas within arghyam and KVN and also lead to moe such exciting projects

  3. … and this looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 🙂 Casablanca and Humphrey Bogart methinks

  4. Any more details available on the rice and how it is being developed?

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