Another well story

May 24, 2007

This is absolutely fascinating. Mr Bhagvan (God himself) came to our home/office. Back from Alemagne

to settle in beloved Bangalore. Has a 100 year old well , as old as the house, in Shankarpuram. Several

such wells there says he. Along comes a bore well digger chasing the pot of gold at the end of his 300

feet deep rainbow. Filling up tankers and supplying to the commercial establishments nearby and in

2 years God sees his well water disappearing into Valhalla. No groundwater regulation in the city

and nothing can be done mesays to God. Such is our tragedy. History, culture, civilization, tradition,

self sufficiency, need all disappears before mammon. What a tragedy for us as a society? A 100

year old kicked where it hurts most and soon to die ignominously. The good fight is however on

More as we go along.


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