Consultancy, money and all that

May 20, 2007

Rainwater harvesting in Bangalore has really, really picked up. With it our share of troubles. Why is it not understood

that it is simple to catch rain on the roof, filter it and put it into a well or a sump tank? Why do people need designers

engineers, site visits, estimates, drawings,quotations et al and in the favorite

words of the techies of this city asap?

That’s one word that gets my goat. Here you sit on your butt for years

and do nothing about water and next you

expect things to happen yesterday. Why don’t people understand the

difference between a business and an ‘ideas’ group?

Ah well modern times but look at the bright side of life , the city is finally

moving into the solutions paradigm from the

problem paradigm. More power to such a collective elbow then.

Our motto A well in every house. ONWARD


One comment

  1. Consultancy money and all that. Why is it not understood that it is simple to catch rain where it falls you ask? why site visits, estimates, engineers, consultancy and all that ? And why ASAP?
    – ASAP is not just a word. Its an entire culture – believe me. I’ve made a living using that word for 5 long (in retrospect short) years. ASAP is a language. Its a language that says simple things cant solve problems. Problems, in this language dont need solutions. They need designs, experts, math (like the 4000 equations that were solved to build an opera-house-like-canteen), stream lined processes, Management and leadership to deal with. If the solution was simple, the problem wouldnt exist is the theory. And so consultancy and money and all that.

    So one can choose to speak to the ASAP’s in the ASAP language – and get (atleast some)things done. This has its own value. Teaching the ASAP’s a new language (and learning is anyway not a result of teaching) is akin to trying to change the entire world.

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