Life is tragedy for those who feel, comedy for those who think

December 21, 2006


This well, 15 years old, full of water will desapear in a few days. The owner
of the plot wants to build a house on this right place.
To host all the people coming in the city, Bangalore needs housing.
So it doesn’t need water anymore ?
Open well in Vidyaranyapura, B’lore



  1. This reminds me of Cuatro Cienagas, in México. An incredible place where a desert climate with a relative abundance of subsurface water has made of it a unique array of plant and animal life. It has been compared to the Galapagos Islands, because of the original and unique biodiversity that exists there. Eventhougn it has been declared a natural protected area, the aim of profit is depleting the water tables. If Cuatro Cienagas desapear, there will be lost several unique plant and animal species. But individual intrests are prevailing….as in the case you ilustrate here. What do we need to convince these kind of people to change their attitude????
    For more info on Cuatro Cienegas:

  2. Norma, ‘brigada para ser a quasi unica dar um pouco de vida a esse blog…
    como pode ver, tenho mais ou menos deixado a ambiçao de fazer desse lugar um de intercambio de ideas e conhecimento. Nao sei como atrair pessoal aqui. Tem alguma proposta ?



  3. This is extremely sad..
    I’ve heard of the Hare Krishna cult also having done something similar, they’re building a large temple and huge housing complex and have covered up a natural water body to make place for PARKING!!!!

    It disappoints me tremendously when I see irresponsibility of this kind.

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