Ecological houses

December 20, 2006

Rembrandt loved playing with the rare rays of light entering the small rooms of his low class fellow-citizens.
Few openings to be better protected from cold winter and constant rains. In Rajasthan, people have less rain, but the sun is so generous !
They don’t have Rembrandt but actually don’t need him to make art
from their lifes. An opening over the cooking space offers a beautiful
frame full of life changing with seasons. It also allows the smoke to go
out and warm the cook with sun rays. Do you nderstand better why
their food is so delicious?
Be sensitive to your environment and catch what it has to offer to you.
Why do we always look for the most technically complicated options ?
Life is a poem and nature its source of inspiration.


One comment

  1. Life is a koan not a poem and it is important to be
    in the flow

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