When an industry turns green

December 2, 2006


We should never presume that industrialists don’t care about environment. Here is the example of a factory at the south of Bangalore. The people there have decided to harvest the rainwater falling on the 4 acres of the factory.
The objective was 0% runoff. Three different kind of water harvesting have
been implemented.
First, four rainbarrels collect the water from the roof of the factory. This water is directly used to water the green areas around. Second the storm water  flowing on the paved areas  is directed through the open drains to a 22 000 liters sump tank, it is also used for gardening. Finally, the water from the land is lead into
the ground through recharge wells. With a depth of 25 feet,
they allow the rainwater to recharge the aquifere. The factory is thus storing for gardening more than 12 lakhs liters of rainwater every year. And sending
to the aquifere about 5 lakhs liters.
Looking at the success and efficiency of these  rainwater harvesting systems, the factory has decided to intergrate such a system in a new site currently in construction. Providing it with recharge wells and storage units as well as an adapted piping system. We hope that they will also opt for a landscaping needing less water. Through a good choice of crops and simple water keeping earthwork, we can actually reduce the demand of water for gardening by more than 70%. This is an other way to save water. One has to know for example, that grassed areas are water expensive and not productive.
Planting fruit trees or medicinal plants give more benefits for
the same green impression.


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