Hidden side

December 1, 2006


Plunged in this well census in Bangalore, my eyes see them every where now !
Yesterday for example, I was visiting a treatment unit of the BWSSB (Bangalore Water Supply and Sewage Board).
Located at the north of the city, the system treat some 60 lakhs liters of sewage
water every day. The water is purified through an aerobic process,
passing in several tanks before being sent to a sery of lakes.
95 % of the pollution initally present in the water is thus removed.
But at a corner of the park, my eyes fell on a beautiful stone well, as people dug them few decades ago.
The well was full of stinking water.
Asking my host, he informed me that this well received the sludge of the
aerobic tanks when they were cleaned.
Mixed with the groundwater naturally present in the well this sludge escape to the aquifere.
This is how we ourselves contaminate the water we later draw from bore or open wells.
The (cynic) fun is that it happens also in the middle of a treatment water unit.
I must tell you that my host confessed me they were currently working on a way to separate
storm and sewage water of the site, so that unpleasant things like that don’t happen anymore.
Hope he is right.


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