Open wells – la suite

November 16, 2006

Back to our will to improve public awerness of open wells and groundwater table in Bangalore.

Things are happening ! The farm journalist Shree Padre
(www.farmedia.org/profiles/Padre.html) will write an article in a kanada paper to recommend to all the people owning an open well contacting the rainwater club ! We are aiming to count 1006 wells and collect all informations
about their health, their water and  its use. We hope that every well owner understand
what can be the role their wells play in future and how important it will be to preserve
them functionally but also culturally. If you, dear virtual-reader, is a Bangalorean happy well owner, let us know your existence.

And as  good news never come alone,  the governement will also help financially for the chemical analysis of the wells waters in a lab.

Because public understanding of this huge underground reservoir is a first step toward a sustainable management of our water supply, and the use of open wells
maybe the best tool to reach it.


One comment

  1. Apartment complexes in Bangalore are using bore well water which is presumably of better quality than dug well water. The excessive pumping from deep bores has depleted the phreatic water table and some of the dug wells have gone dry. However, the phreatic water reservoir is the main source of water supply for bore wells because the deeper fractures in hard rock are eventually fed from the upper water table reservoir.It is therefore a worthwhile effort to study the dug wells and improve their health through rainwater harvesting. The bores also could be used for rainwater harvesting in Monsoons, but the water from the terrace should be first filtered through a sand-barrel and then let into the bores.

    -Dr S D Limaye
    Project Leader, UNESCO-IGCP-IUGS project GROWNET (Groundwater Network for Best Practices in Ground Water Management in Low Income Countries.) Website: http://www.igcp-grownet.org

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