A new movie online

October 28, 2006

Don’t miss the story of the construction of rainwater tanks in villages around Bangalore : Bringing home rain
If you are interested in getting the full version of the movie (18 min.), please ask the rainwater club



  1. It’s very important what you are doing in India to bring people the possibility of harvesting water.
    In Europe, at least in Catalonia, the reality is very different, here people wants to build your swimmingpool. A house without swimmingpool is not a house.
    The climate of Mediterranian See is to dry, but the culture of harvesting water is still beginning.
    Thanks for your work

  2. Rainwater harvesting is required worldwide as we see the catastrophic effects of global warming impact rainfall patterns. Glaciers have retreated and in one of the driest states of India – rajasthan – we had floods with more than 500 mm of rain in a day.
    Hopefully Catalonia too will learn quickly and move to conserve this precious resource

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