Approach the problem through the solution

October 24, 2006

Bangalore is situated on a large plateau, in a semi arid area. Its water comes from a hundred kilometers away. Big pipes bring seven hundred and fifty millions liters a day from the river Cauvery. And still many people have not enough water in this city of 6 millions inhabitants.

We believe that using the rainwater is a part of a more sustainable solution for water supply and also flood problems in Bangalore.For example the rain that falls on the 1249 sq km of our city if converted to daily water would clock 3000 million litres per day. If we harvest or recharge 45% of this water it would be good enough for a populace of 7 million.
The rainwater can be directly stored in tanks or led into the aquifers through open wells.
That is why we would like to involve a maximum of Bangaloreans in the process of rediscovery and reuse of open wells for both recharging groundwater and water supply.
We want to do it through a study of the groundwater.
We will ask for every people that owns an open well to call us and give us some data about it (is it still used or not, what is the level of water in the dry and rainy season…). We will use that contact with people to sensitize them and show through succesful recent case studies how efficient can be an open well when it is well managed. We will send them a simple manual and encourage them to contact us again if they feel they need help.

Through this enquiry, we will have a better knowledge of the water issues in the city. We will map the datas collected (localization of open wells, borewells, rainwater harvesting systems, and the level of groundwater in all the places). This will help us to give some tools to even more people who want to be part of the water solution in our city.



  1. I have one borewell at my residence, which water harvesting is contained high Iron. Now I rested, how I will rectify the problem in future

  2. Where is the borewell and your location? Direct recharging of the bore well may help. Usually open wells have much less/no iron when compared to bore wells. How about storing rainwater too and recharging the excess into the bore well?

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