Groundwater contamination

October 19, 2006

In many parts of India, people are also confronted to this problem of contaminated groundwater .
This excess of fluor in the groundwater occurs through a natural phenomenon.
Some ways to face this problem is to consume directly rainwater wich avoid you to use this groundwater. We can also practice artificial groundwater recharge through rainwater harvesting in order to dilute the fluor in the water.


One comment

  1. Rainwater harvesting is an alternative that should be implemented in the places where there is the risk of any kind of water contamination, in this case arsenic since it has been proved that consuming it can cause cancer, mainly people with poor nutrition. But what can be done to avoid physical contact with contaminated water due to working conditions or other kinf of exposure? There is an interesting article of the WHO that talks about arsenic, drinking water and health risk.

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