Integrating water harvesting and water re-use in our houses

October 18, 2006

If you are building a new house, you have to know that water harvesting and water re-use are cost effective and well integrated systems when designed alltogether with the house. Here is a great example of a beautiful and eco-friendly house in Bangalore. The house harvest the rain falling on its terrace through iron chains. The ferrocement filter placed in the entrance, the sight and song of the rain running in the chains please every visitor. The water is after led into a sump tank, noticeable only through its small door. This minimal system allow the house to harvest
more than 60 000 liters of rainwater every year.
At the back of the house, a 25 liters tank has been built at the first floor level,on the external wall. Connected with the exit pipe of the washing machine placed on that same floor, this grey water will run by gravity to flush the ground level toilet.
Let’s meditate on these simple tips that change our wasting houses to smart houses !


One comment

  1. Thanks for your hospitality and giving me the opportuntiy the great work you are doing in Bangalore and surrounds.

    It was great to be the first Australian to visit the Persian Wheel near Kolar.

    I hope to see you all in Sydney for IRCA conference.

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