Dr Jane Heyworth’s visit

October 15, 2006

Jane was here as our guest at the Rainwater Club. We managed to hijack her from a vacation in South India and the good person she is, she gave us two wonderful days of knowledge.
Jane’s study on school children drinking rainwater and mains water and the gastro enteritis case they have is special. She shared the study with us at Arghyam (www.arghyam.org) . Basically children in South Australia are not particularly higher suseptible to gastro enteritis even though they drink rainwater.
very informative. On the second day Jane joined us in a visit to Kurubura kunte , the village where every household has a rainwater tank. She talked to Venamma and a lot of children. Then we went to see some beautiful Persian wheel still in operation in a town called Kolar. Jane met Thamanna -91- and still going strong and we saw the beautiful village up on th hills. Of course she had to get us some good Australian wine for the trip.
Thanks Dr Jane Heyworth, Perth Australia. Hope to see you in Sydney for the IRCSA conference on rainwater.


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