Rainwater quality

October 9, 2006

tn_pc270062.JPGBig questions arise when it comes to rainwater quality. Is it potable? Is there not acid rain? Will it not ‘spoil’ if kept for some days? What about worms? Is it not too soft without minerals? Do we not get a cold if we drink rainwater?
The experts too are a bit confusing on this front.Here is my take.
In all cases check rainwater for potability before consuming. The precautionary principle applies with rainwater too. If in doubt don’t.  Our checks seem to suggest that except for Maximum Possible number (MPN), which suggests a bit of bacteria but not of the faecal kind, all other parameters permit drinking. We drink the rain and enjoy it BUT we take care to keep the catchment clean and the filters and the storage tank too.
What do you think?



  1. Hello from Catalonia, Europe. Congratulations for your blog and your website. I’m doing a blog too about rainwater, in catalan language.
    You can go to the address: http://blocs.mesvilaweb.cat/bloc/6399

    The question I want to say is: How maintain the best quality of water in every country? What kind of treatment is necessary?


    Pere Subirana

  2. Hola Pere,
    How to maintain the best quality of water? Hmmmm… Of importance is non pollution from anthropogenic sources. Treat water with respect. Resend it back to nature in the same quality as we took it.
    Forms of treatment are many but those that are biological are best. Have you heard of http://www.sodis.ch ? Do take a look.

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