What is a good water

September 27, 2006

Scientists in Auroville have developed the concept of dynamised water.Based on the observation of crystals in the water, they detect wich water is living, and wich is dead. Thus, the water from our taps or from plastic bottle is far less healthy than the water from a mountain river or the water they can produce thanks to an elaborate machine.

Cristals in the waterMachine poducting dynamized waterClay better than plastic ?

We touch there the impassioning topic of the social perception of good water.
According to you, is it basically the water that respect official standards ? Is it a water full of treatments or the less impacted by human intervention ? Do you like better a water within fishes live or a water wich has traversed several kilometers of pipes ?What about rainwater ? Do you suspect industies to have contaminated it? Or do you consider it is the purest one can find ?A numerous number of questions one should wonder before trusting any water-seller.


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