Rain Barrels

July 31, 2006

Rain barrel  RAIN BARREL- A simple Rainwater harvesting system
Rainwater harvesting is the process of collecting, storing and using rainwater for any productive purpose.
One simple way for people to start harvesting rainwater is by installing a RAIN BARREL.
A Rain barrel is a simple rainwater storage drum shown in picture below.
A set of rain barrels
It is placed on a platform 18 inches high. It has a tap to enable withdrawal of water from a bucket or a hosepipe. The rain barrel comes along with a first rain separator and a filter to improve the quality of the rain water collected. The filter is a small-perforated aluminum basket with three folded (8 layers of cloth) on it.
Rain barrell 1What else can we do with the Rain Barrel?
Every Rain Barrel has a tap and an overflow outlet. The water collected in the Rain Barrel can be used to recharge open wells or bore wells. Using a hosepipe and a Zero-B type filter the tap can be connected to the bore well or sump tank.
Overflows from Rain Barrels can also be used for recharging the ground.What are the benefits of a Rain Barrel?

Rainwater harvesting through the Rain Barrel generates water for productive use which otherwise would have been wasted. It also helps mitigate urban flooding and reduces pressure on city level water supplies and groundwater extraction.
Installing RAIN BARRELS is the easiest and cheapest way to participate in the rainwater harvesting movement and make a positive difference to society.


One comment

  1. Dear Sir
    Please guide me
    We have a big Society consisting of 168 flats. We have done RWH in our SOciety. The water collected from the roof top to the ground open drain. and diverted through filter pit (without any filter material) through filter pit it is diverted to the Bore well with a 6 inches diameter pipe. But not to the below of the bore well but 5 ft from top of the bore well. Is it right or should have been diverted to the ground near borewell so the the ground level will be recharged and better quality water will be avaiable. In the drain rats and other small snimals are always moving. It ia a dirty water. Please advice

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