Urban experiences-rooftop rainwater harvesting for groundwater recharge

July 28, 2006

A recharge well with concrete rings
Recharging wells is a great way to harvest rainwater. Bangalore for example had 30,000 open wells at a point of time, now disappearing fast. The time is ripe to bring wells back to life.
One thing every household must do is to build a ring well 3 feet diameter and about 20 feet deep. Lead all the rooftop water to this well through a filter.
If you are a nice person – and the hydrogeolitho- logical gods are kind- you will pretty soon see water in your wells . It will be good and clean ready for you to use.
Otherwise you will take consolation in the fact that you have not allowed rainwater to run on the streets and drains and have done your bit to prevent the urban streets from getting flooded. The groundwater too will be recharged for somebody else to use.



  1. Hi I have two rainbarrels hooked to my asphault shingled roof. I am looking for a filtering system (low cost) to reuse this water for drinking. Would the well be the way? If so how do I get the plans to build it or is there a clay portable system available for sale? Thanks for your help. Karen

  2. I would like to have ground water recharging done in my house. Please let me know the process and cost..

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