Making a Rooftop Rainwater System

July 12, 2006

The making of a rooftop rainwater harvesting systethe storage tankm is a fun process if ALL in the community get involved. The girls in their colourful dress are shy in the beginning and watch from the door.the filtration unit

The design of the filter, testing it, fine tuning it so that it works the way we want it to involves the whole village especially the kids. This conical filter for example has to have a mesh, a sponge and washed sand.
A 15 litre pot should be emptied in 15 seconds and all the water should go through the filter in that time. Then it can handle a good rain of 60 mm/hour intensity.

The tank has to be painted white to keep the water inside cool. The tap has to be a bit high to always leave some water in the tank.
Rooftop water has to come in through PVC gutters and a first rain separator clears the roof water when it is washed. A cat is pretty disinterested in the process till a youngchecking the sand filter owner
decides participation is for all, including felines.

The young boys then pose for photographs and the village community tank now has supplemental support at the household level. Each tank will harvest at least 20,000 litres of water every year and give it at the doorstep.



  1. Very interesting information! Looks like a collective effort…

  2. Informative and useful information. I am tempted to to do this at my home.

  3. Worth emulating by one and all. Good stuff.

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